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Automation and DevOps Engineer

Vacancy: Not Specific
Experience: 1-3 years

Fiftytwo Digital Ltd is owned by Mohammadi Group and Fiftytwo A/S of Danish Bording Group. At Fiftytwo, we deliver consulting services and innovative software solutions that increase customer loyalty and boost sales figures.

Fiftytwo has pioneered technology solutions for market-leading customers within ERP, Retail, eCommerce, Leasing and the Media – making us experts in industry-specie omnichannel and data driven solutions. Through close collaboration and structured data collection, we use our vast knowledge and expertise to help our customers create a awless experience for their customers. We are driven by data and the ambition to constantly push the boundaries to make extraordinary buying moments that move minds, increase market shares, and raise numbers on the bottom line. You can read about our solutions and our customers in more detail. We have great innovative projects, and we need more engineers to join us and build the future Retail solutions for our existing customers and new markets.

  • You are looking for a very dynamic career in modern software development.
  • You often hear “WOW! HOW DID YOU DO THAT?” about the magnificent work you
  • You can work alone just fine but when you have a team you do things much faster because you know very well how and when to take help from others.
  • You are very obsessed about high value of your dk/dt where k=knowledge you acquire and t=time you spend at work.
  • You can change your gears when faced with unknown languages, technologies both new and old!
  • You have stories to tell us how you automated lots of your daily tasks.
  • You are eager to show us your bitbucket/GitHub/other public profiles where you have done cool things!
  • You love to learn and share what you learn.
  • You are fluent in both written and spoken English; you are careful of crafting sentences to express your great ideas even if it is on complex
  • You have great connection making ability through empathic and sensible
  • You are innovative and always looking to change the products for the better.
  • You are unhappy that your current job does not allow enough freedom to express your game changing ideas!
  • You are restless until you hunt down that bug!
  • If you have 10 questions unanswered, you do not stop, you look for the next 90 questions!
  • You get excited when you have a question which google does not find a link for and does not have an answer
  • You worked in an Agile environment.
  • You have more skills that are conducive to building a formidable TEAM and we are eager to learn about them from you!
  • Bachelor/Master’s in CSE/CS/CE/SE/CSIT/Mathematics/EEE or relevant field from a reputed university. 
  • Experienced in automation. 
  • 2-3 years of professional experience as DevOps engineer. 
  • Strong problem solving and troubleshooting skills.
  • Familiarity with Git, Git workflows, Bitbucket.
  • Must have knowledge and experience of CI/CD tools, preferably Jenkins and Bamboo.
  • Good understanding of containerization, Docker, Kubernetes etc.
  • Experience with Cloud infrastructure (Azure/AWS/GCP).
  • Awareness of DevOps and Agile principles.
  • Fluent in both written and spoken English. 
  • Team player and collaborative mindset. 
  • Familiarity with entire software development life cycle and test cycles. 
  • Comfortable with JavaScript, Typescript. 
  • Familiarity working with REST APIs. 
  • Experience in test automation 
  • Good understanding of Agile/Scrum methodology and how QA functions within it. 
  • Experience in working with project management software like JIRA, Rally etc. 
  • Careful in crafting sentences to express ideas with collaborators and make it hard for others to misunderstand/misinterpret your English
  • Understand the product vision, business objectives, and overall strategy
  • Worked with European customers and colleagues
  • GDPR awareness
  • You will be part of our world-class Development Team working on multiple projects and products togeth
  • Be responsible for making delivery models from development to production via cloud
  • You will prepare and automate our CI/CD pipelines to build and deploy code to cloud and other production environments.
  • You will be part of building next generation cloud native solutions.
  • Build and automate testsuites for products to improve regression testing efficiency.
  • Explore and suggest automation tools to serve the automation needs of the products
  • Automate a variety of tests, such as regression, integration, platform, and performance testing to confirm the stability of software systems
  • Work collaboratively with development teams to complete release cycles
  • Ability to enjoy the challenges of your work and see them as opportunities to learn
  • Email subject must contain the position “Automation and DevOps Engineer “
  • You may like to add a short cover letter explaining why you are a great fit for the post.
  • The CV must be in pdf format. The CV file name should contain your full name and years of professional experience, for example John Doe(2yrs).pdf.
  • Applications that indicate lack of attention to the Job Description and guidelines are highly likely to be ignored.

Please send your application to

 Fiftytwo is an equal opportunity employer. Shortlisted applicants will be contacted by Fiftytwo.

  • Salary will definitely be industry competitive!
  • Two yearly bonuses, Eid, and Year-end, total 150% of monthly
  • Catered quality lunch when at the office every
  • 21 days of personal leave yearly. Two days weekend, Saturday and Sunday. All public holidays of Bangladesh Government.
  • Flexible work environment with Time off in Lieu.
  • Parental
  • Optional days for work from
  • Hybrid mode of Work from Home and Work from Office.
  • Working with international customers, system developers, architects, and
  • Possibility of international travel.
  • Support for higher education, we encourage you to study more!
  • Yearly increments are based only on performance.
  • Regular 1-1 with senior management.
  • Well planned and documented career path with annual employee

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