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Automation & QA

  •  Automated testing saves time by eliminating the need to write extensive test scripts.
  • The test scripts that need to be written using the automation tools can also be reused
  •  It can also be used alongside manual testing procedures to crosscheck your test results.
  •  Bugs can be detected during the development phase itself, which leads to shorter product development lifecycles.
  •  The tests can be run 24/7 without the need for manual input thus ensuring thorough quality checks.
  •  You can execute your tests scripts on the entire network or multiple devices simultaneously.
  •  The reports that are generated are extensive and give the software tester details such as scripts executed, scheduled, bugs found and fixed, etc.
  •  Automated testing also includes testing of web applications on all the browsers.
  •  The biggest benefit is the reduced need of software testers, which directly translates into cost savings for you.
  •  Automated testing is perfect for user environment simulation because GUI testing is very time consuming and consists of repetitive actions for the software tester. With automation tools the tester can run the script and make the test fast and accurate.

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