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A reliable graphic design studio in Bangladesh

Fiftytwo Digital Limited has been offering the most creative digital image processing services since its establishment in Bangladesh in 2007. As a renowned offshore graphic design studio, we have been providing a broad range of digital graphic solutions to the clients around the world. DTP or Desktop publishing, refers to the technical formation of documents employing page layout skills and expertise on impersonal computer. Our various DTP methods allow us to provide more control over artwork, align and typography than traditional word processing.

Whether to design POS material, annual reports, magazines, catalogs, websites, posters, newspapers, ads or to create layouts and process images, including cut-outs, layer masks, retouching and color correction; our highly skilled and experienced in-house professionals can help you with quality services you are looking for.

As a prime offshore graphic design studio, Fiftytwo Digital offers –

Cut-out and imaging

We are expert in creating premium quality cut-outs, layer masking and retouching using optimized Adobe Photoshop methods.

Our expert team is completely dedicated to make the service seamless.

  1. Quality is our first priority
  2. Three layers of review to ensure the quality
  3. Time is money and we value your money
  4. Best possible security of your images

Our team of clipping path experts usually works with high volumes of images on a regular basis, perfecting each tool’s use and all techniques applied. Impress your target audience or market with high quality images.

Magazine & Catalog

We provide creative solutions in producing magazine & catalog and deliver as complete as ready-for-press format.

Why use us for Magazine Layout Design Services

When you are looking for a dedicated partner of magazine layout design services, it would be ideal to outsource with Fiftytwo Digital who has well experienced DPT team and strive to maintain top quality at every step of the process. Our firm technological grip, efficient work process and effective clients’ collaboration aspects give us a competitive edge over others in the market. For a successful layout design project we make sure to offer –

  1. Customized Solution
  2. Stunning Cover Design
  3. Strike a Balance
  4. Detail Analysis
  5. Ready for Press Files

For the records, every month our magazine and catalog group produces the artwork for more than 30 different magazines on behalf of Danish, Norwegian and Swedish publishing houses. Furthermore, we produce an average of 10 folders a week for the Danish retail industry and lay out newsletters in more than 15 different languages.

Ads & Newspapers

We meet all the technical specifications efficiently to create and deliver top quality advertising materials as per requirements.

We produce advertising catalogs and leaflets, as well as full-page ads for Danish clients on a daily basis. Working to a 24-hour deadline, we create new versions or complete new layouts for advertising catalogs and full-page ads – often in close collaboration with individual clients’ in-house graphic designers. We meet all the technical specifications and file exchange deadlines precisely – thanks, not least, to our well-oiled, super-efficient processes.

And of course, you can order cut-outs, layer masking and photo editing as and when you need them.

Posters, Flyers & Graphic Decoration

We offer varieties of top quality artworks, ranging from posters, flyers, too stickers & window decorations.

Fiftytwo Digital is recognized as one of the prime offshore DTP Studios who are expert in providing most innovative and exciting business flyer and poster design services based on your business goals. There is no task too large and none too small for our highly professional and experienced DTP team, who are expert in designing unique and effective full ranges of point-of-sale materials in an exciting visual appealing way to the potential customers.

An effective way to market your business

  • Get the word out about events, sales and more.
  • The versatile choice to reach more customers.
  • Understanding printers marks
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Frequently Asked Questions

You may either visit our contact page and fill up the form or mail us.

Det afhænger faktisk af dine specifikke krav og størrelsen af projektet. Kontakt os venligst for flere oplysninger.

No. You can order any amount of image you require. We always respect the value of your business and appreciate your need, no matter how big or small that can be. We do our best to deliver as efficient and flexible services as possible.

You can send any kind of file format like JPG, TIFF, PSD or EPS. However, we recommend for JPG files because it has got less file size than other formats while the quality almost similar. But it is up to you which format you would choose.

Clipping path, a primary and most efficient process about graphic design, is a modern technique of creating an outline applying various image editing soft-wares like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Corel Draw etc. in order to edit or remove the backgrounds of the images or photos. In terms of quality clipping path is known to be the best ever method.

4/0 indicates one-sided four color (full color) printing and 4/4 indicates both sides four color (full color) printing.

CMYK is a four color model which stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and black (key) and used for printing. These colors are proportionately mixed up by the modern printers to create all other colors for quality printing as in theory Cyan, Magenta and Yellow can re-produce all colors when they mixed up with the key color black.

After completing a batch of tasks or a project, we send invoice with details. We accept payment through ………………………… We also accept bank transfer to our Bangladesh bank account.

Your artwork can be delivered by email by small files under 20mb. For larger files, we advise to use FTP.

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