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Security Testing Components

Vulnerability assessment

  • Manual evaluation and automated scanning of your IT infrastructure or its components to detect security vulnerabilities.
  • Prioritization of actual security weaknesses.
  • Recommendations on how to mitigate the detected vulnerabilities.

Penetration Testing

  • Defining the relevant penetration testing model (black box, gray box, or white box).
  • Detecting and trying to exploit security vulnerabilities.
  • Ranking the detected vulnerabilities according to WASC, OWASP, and CVSS classifications.

Security Code Review

  • Manual source code review to detect possible issues with code readability, correctness, robustness, efficiency, and logical structure and avoid security breaches.
  • Automated static code analysis for further code issues’ identification.
  • Code audit report comprising the actual source code security vulnerabilities.

Infrastructure Security Audit

  • Outlining the IT infrastructure components subject to audit and potential security vulnerabilities.
  • Detailed investigation of the chosen IT infrastructure components and vulnerabilities detection.
  • Clear recommendations on how to solve detected security issues.
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