Technical Project Management

Build on experience

At Fiftytwo Digital we assign an experienced project manager to every project. The project manager is therefore responsible for technical project management. All Fiftytwo Digital project managers are fully-qualified developers who work professionally with communications, analysis and estimates. If the client wishes, we can assign Danish project managers especially to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the partnership.

Agile methodology

We carefully choose an agile methodology for managing your project. Past experiences say that either Scrum, DSDM or Kanban fit most projects and products development. If it is a new product just incubating from idea, we suggest DSDM as it gives you granular view of those early research and developments. If it is a long running product development with variable flow of work, we suggest using Kanban. If it is a customer project with very tight deadline and well-constructed requirements we provide Scrum. To know in more details please contact us by sending a note, and we will try out best to find right setups for your needs.

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