About us


Fiftytwo Digital was founded as Bording Vista


Moves to new office in Dhaka with more space


Changes name to Fiftytwo Digital

Leading supplier of software and DTP solutions

Fiftytwo Digital is a Software Development company and DTP Studio located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Since 2007 we have been helping international companies and brands transforming their ideas into business by building impactful software solutions and designs powered by the latest technology.

We aim to supply highly professional services, where cost and quality go hand in hand. Our software and DTP team are comprised of well-qualified and motivated employees working closely together with our colleagues in Denmark.

Our mission is to offer our clients the best services at competitive prices. Our trademark is to produce efficient graphic and digital processes which underpin the needs of the individual client’s enterprise.

We have many years of experience in outsourcing. In close cooperation with our Danish Head Quarters, we have developed a sophisticated business model, which we make available for other enterprises to benefit from. Through this process we have become a Retail and eCommerce powerhouse for our Danish Head Quarters. We take pride in being integral part of the full product cycle from ideation phase of many products to their years-long customer loyalty.

Introducing quality, high-level competency and a business model built for a changing world, Fiftytwo has been a stable supplier to our customers. Our continued mission is to deliver high quality software to our global customers. We will continue to build on our strong foundation.

We're part of something bigger


We’re a subdivision of Fiftytwo who deliver consulting services and innovative software solutions for market-leading customers within retail, leasing and the media. Through close collaboration we help retailers and leasing companies create great customer experiences using our omnichannel Point-Of-Sales solution, 52RETAIL, and lease management system, 52LEASING.

Bording Group

We’re part of Bording Group who is a marketing and technology community. The group companies are in three business areas; Agencies, Software and Output management. We are 400 members across 8 companies and we all believe it is the knowledge and insights into to our customers and their market, as well as our ability to activate this in our work, that creates value.



Our clients will meet competent, inquisitive and communicative employees who are the best workforce on the market. We employ only the best candidates and offer our employees further training on an ongoing basis so that they remain the best in their field at any given time.


We go to extraordinary lengths to make a difference for our clients. We offer high-quality solutions and customer services that are second to none so that our clients spend as little time as possible on briefings, testing, proofreading, etc. To achieve this, we focus consistently on client satisfaction and monitor the quality of the work we supply.


In today’s volatile global business environment, we believe that a dynamic approach and a capacity to adapt is crucial. We adjust our services, and output in a close dialogue with our clients. We do our job properly and get things done before we leave the office as this is the best way to ensure that we deliver results that meets expectations.

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