Both manual and fully-automated testing

Testing can be a very good area to start your offshore product development. It quickly generates value in your existing flow by saving time for development and higher customer satisfaction due to consistent feature releases.

Fiftytwo Digital’s experienced workforce performs quality assurance as a stand-alone service and as an inherent part of major IT projects.

We offer the following types of testing:

  • detailed manual testing performed by our quality assurance engineers.
  • fully-automated unit testing and tests of integration or user interface on a continuous Build Server, which we configure to build the project and perform continuous & automatic testing

We take testing very seriously

Doing the testing right can be the difference between you and your competitors. Our primary motivator to approach testing this way is to maximize time for development, innovation and minimize time for maintenance and bug fixing. We take a two-pronged approach to testing, QA and Automation. We assign a highly experienced Quality Assurance engineer to each product who work with the developers in a well-equipped eco-system to help them with re-production of business-critical issues to quality verification of their fixes. Each project goes through iterative quality testing at each phase of the development until final delivery.

Our Automation team ensures we build upon the quality delivered at each phase of a product and do not waste time on massive regression testing. This allows your product development to move faster than your competitors and you do not have to spend a lot of money on fixing bugs. For each product we provide suitable automation tools to build state-of-the-art CI chain. We have long experience and right skill sets to deliver such automation setups for various stacks. We have fully running automated CI environments for products built on .NET, C++, Java, NodeJS, Android and Web Applications. Our effective application of DevOps skills with CI makes the flow extremely useful and intuitive for fast product development.

For example, on one of the enterprise management products we are running Unit Tests, then we run behavioral tests preceding E2E UI Tests. If any of the UI test cases fails CI sends the logs and a picture of the application at that state to the right development team and responsible. The whole process starts from a commit to the target branch. We make CI project plans so that the automated testing smoothly becomes part of the development process and not a bottleneck. The testing load is balanced across test build on each new change set, release build and nightly build so we can continuously deliver agility but not at the cost of quality.

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