Web content production

Creating great content for your website

Fiftytwo Digital are experts in digital design and offers you stunning materials for your digital platforms. No job is too small og too big. See some examples of what we do here and contact us with specific request for web content.

Logo design

Fiftytwo Digital can create new exciting Logo’s for your company based on your input and our designers. We have some of the best designers in Bangladesh with many years of experience working for the scandinavation markets and an understanding of the colors and designs that work for that segment.


Our graphical designers can optimize your images and create the high quality images that will convey the proper meaning you wish to send. We can Colour Correct images, perform Masking and Neck Joining and we can manipulate Shadows to get the exact look and feel that you want.

Web design

We have Web experts that can create full web designs for your websites based on your instructions and values. We use the latest technologies and modern design principles to get the best effect for your website. We also work with multiple platforms and will create designs that work on both Computers, Tablets and mobiles.

Website Production

Do you need to have images edited before you can upload them to your corporate website? Our very experienced graphic designers can help you by making cut-outs and layer masking of your images so that they are ready for use. All our cut-outs are high-quality products made by very experienced graphic designers, who can optimize Photoshop by switching between clipping and layer masking techniques. We can also add shading and/or perspective (depth of field and blurring), no matter if the image is an intricate item of jewelry, a pair of spectacles, a long-haired woman in a fur coat or a four-masted schooner.

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