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Professional and experienced DTP team

Fiftytwo Digital is recognized as one of the prime offshore DTP Studios who are expert in providing most innovative and exciting business flyer and poster design services based on your business goals. There is no task too large and none too small for our highly professional and experienced DTP team, who are expert in designing unique and effective full ranges of point-of-sale materials in an exciting visual appealing way to the potential customers.

All the point-of-sale materials refer as the anchor for any marketing endeavor and in most of the success-stories, the best business communication stemmed from the design of these marketing materials. Whether to produce the artwork for flyers, posters, banners, leaflets, price tags, wrapping papers, stickers or window decorators based on a style guide, templates or just a simple briefing, we have a proven track record in delivering top quality materials to the clients across the globe.

An effective way to market your business

  • Get the word out about events, sales and more.
  • The versatile choice to reach more customers.
  • Understanding printers marks


  • What does 4/0 respectively 4/4 mean?

    4/0 indicates one-sided four color (full color) printing and 4/4 indicates both sides four color (full color) printing.

  • What does CMYK mean?

    CMYK is a four color model which stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and black (key) and used for printing. These colors are proportionately mixed up by the modern printers to create all other colors for quality printing as in theory Cyan, Magenta and Yellow can re-produce all colors when they mixed up with the key color black.

  • When can I pay for my order?

    After completing a batch of tasks or a project, we send invoice with details. We accept payment through ………………………… We also accept bank transfer to our Bangladesh bank account.

  • How can I deliver my artwork?

    Your artwork can be delivered by email by small files under 20mb. For larger files, we advise to use FTP.

Why use us

We take great pride in being a dependable outsourcing partner for many companies that look for outstanding business flyer & poster design services for marketing activities. We always utilize state-of-the-art technology and use our well experienced and highly talented in-house work force to provide top quality services at a competitive price.

Poster Design Services
For both web and print industry, our high quality poster design services are effectively used for branding and promotional activities. Our innovative and exciting designs attract viewers’ attention instantly and eventually help increase the sales.

Banner Design Services
Banner is a popular marketing material that links your prospective customers directly to you. We provide high quality and well-designed banners for your needs.

Flyers, Leaflets and Other Designs
Flyers and leaflets have been used for many years and still there is no better promotional material if you want to share information or services to the targeted people. At Bording Vista, our creative and experienced graphic designers are renowned for producing stunning flyers and leaflets for many years.

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